Get to Know a Lighting Consultant, Designer, and Director

Since 1988, I have been providing lighting design and consulting for TV Broadcast and special live events. I have the experience and expertise required to highlight your athletes performers and venue.

About Me

When it comes to venue lighting for TV broadcast events, I am one of the leading consultants. However, I am determined to be the most knowledgeable lighting consultant and director for broadcast sports events.

My Qualifications

I have experience working on, designing, and installing lighting for almost every major sporting event. Regularly, I help the following broadcast companies with their lighting-related needs: NBC, CBS, TNT, ESPN, HBO, Turner Sports and IOC.

For many years, I have worked to set an industry standard of efficient and modern lighting displays in the broadcasting network industry.


Connect With Me

These days, I handle consulting work but not the actual setup. If you wish to take your lighting to the next level, get in touch with me today.